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Join the Facebook team and Facebook Certified Community Managers to learn more about how building effective online communities can support fundraising goals, connect people more closely to your work, and excite and inspire your supporters.

Suzi Nelson

Suzi Nelson is a specialist in building and scaling online communities that drive business results. For over a decade, she has taught thousands of businesses how to build communities that meet business goals with a strategic approach to relationship building and engagement. She is currently Head of Nurture for Small Business Advocacy, North America at Facebook.

Kara Cronin

Kara Cronin, Community Manager, Community Partnerships at Facebook, leads both the Facebook Certified Community Managers Group and the Facebook Community Manager Certification Learning Group on Facebook. She has been passionate about bringing communities together since she was a kid, and has been doing so professionally since 2014. Prior to Facebook, Kara built and scaled communities for brands and organizations in media (theSkimm), mental health (The Shine App), and higher education. She has driven online and offline community experiences that support a variety of business functions from user acquisition and growth to grassroots marketing and product development. Now at Facebook, Kara gets to support and empower fellow community leaders through her work every day while leading the community experience for Facebook Certified Community Managers.

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